Lavender Essential Oil Roll 15ml

Lavender essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of lavender flowers. It has a sweet and subtle fragrance. 

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Directions for use: To be used as an indoor fragrance, use with an essential oil fragrance diffuser (follow the diffuser instructions) or use directly by placing a few drops on a ceramic plate.

Caution: Keep away from children. Not recommended for pregnant women or children under 6 years of age.

In case of irritation, rash or eye irritation: consult your physician.

Components of lavender essential oil:

octanone, cinéole, Limonène, cis-beta-ocimène, trans-beta-ocimène,  Linalol,  Camphre,  Lavandulol,  Terpinen, alpha-terpineol, Acétate de linalyle,  Acétate de lavandulyle.

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